"The Hero is Me"
Season 1, Episode 5
The Hero is Me ep
Air date June 12th 2014
Written by Adam Sztykiel
Directed by Phill Lewis
Episode Guide
The Switch
Leader of the Pack

The Hero is Me is the fifth episode of Season 1 of the NBC American Comedy television series. The episode was broadcast for the very first time on NBC on June 12, 2014.


Justin proclaims to Danny that he's in love with Nicki, unaware that Nicki has walked up behind him. Justin then proclaims his love to Nicki's face, but she simply responds, "Cool." Danny advises Justin to remain aloof and Nicki will come around, but that backfires. Nicki finally says "I love you" to Justin, explaining she was afraid to respond the first time because she has to leave Detroit for a while to care for her ailing mother. Meanwhile, the gang begins to notice that Burski is "accidentally" touching Leslie's body a lot lately.






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